Multi Channel Marketing and Budget Challenges

Selection of media channel options consiunes to impact marketing budgets dramatically. The days of spending the lion's share of dollars in mass media vehicles such as vertical magazines, newspapers, radio, Yellow pages and TV is dramatically changing. The web has changed the landscape forever.

However, the challenges within the larger context of the web has its minefields and challenges as well. The following offer opportunity and pitfalls to the unsophisticated company venturing forth with out sound knowledge and guidance directing their efforts.

The search engine category is one prime example. Companies are rushing to CPC - Cost Per Click - campaigns and driving costs upwards and compromising ROI. How does one structure and design a site to take advantage of organic search engine lists vs using third party SEO - Search Engine Optimization - firms. Algorithymns change over night and yesterdays campaign(s) do(es) not work as well.

Some of the questions include:

  • Is my internal search functioning properly?
  • Are my paid campaigns driving trafiic to the proper landing pages and are my conversions to sales generating profits or just traffic?
  • What should I be paying per click?
  • Am I generating a profit and what kind of profit in my email campaigns?
  • What is the monthly and annual value of each email customer vs prospect worth?

These are some of the questions and issues we will continue to explore and expound upon.

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Search Engine Optimization

Over the past several years the need to make sure your web site(s) is properly optimized to maximize traffic and business from the major search engines has only gained in importance.

By focusing on the content - editorial narrative - and making sure the copy is concise, descriptive and complete with keywords laced in the body of each page/screen sites are able to move quickly up in their rankings

Employing this type of approach to the url building, construction of titles for pages and meta tags companies have been able to accelerate their online traffic, revenues and profitability. To learn more about employing these techniques for your business contact me at

This is a proven approach I have used with multiple clients over the last 5 years.

Weekend of March 4th and 5th

Another busy weekend at the Siewierski household.

Nicky and Laura skied at Abasin on Saturday, Jarid and Sam stayed and played with Kevin. John Siewierski aka, Dad spent the weekend skiing at Vail and A-basin with some friends.

Skiing conditions were hard packed snow early in the days and loosening up after lunch. The mountains need snow but the clear blue skies and warm days are a welcome change from Winter. It feels like spring time.