Google+, is this really going to make it?

I sure hear lots of buzz regarding Google+ and just last week signed up and activated an account. Not seeing much activity here that would suggest it could supplant twitter, or Facebook. Chris Crum's article today - Facebook seems worried About Google+, Should it be?, raises the point it appears twitter may take more of a hit than Facebook and discusses some of the obstacles along the way.

Are you using Goggle+? What are you discovering?

Google+, Facebook & Twitter

Quite the buzz and lots of opinions with the announcement of Google+. Is this the Google effort that will make its true mark in social corners? Many have speculated it will take a chunk out of Facebook's shine and now some say it is twitter that may take the bigger shot. Check out comments from Chris Crum on this topic in. Do you think they can maim Twitter as discussed.

Me I just signed up for a test account and am very curious how well this will take off and work. Having used many of the google family of products it wold be nice to see it all come together in a clean and intuitive fashion.

Google to Rebrand Blogger and Picasa

The word is out that Goggle will be re branding both Picasa and Blogger in the next month or two. The relaunch and branding effort to unify Google services and products is tied to the launch of Google+ coming in the next month. These 2 services will be called Google Photos and Google Blogs according to sources. Fore more details see related story.