Premity Launches Beta of New Enterprise Online Coupon System

Premity in California recently launched a beta version of a new online couponing system. This systems previous generation is the foundation of Mountain Sports Club and City Vantage online services. The following is an example of a new embedded coupon for a Mountain Sports Club promotional offer. As more and more companies look to offer incentives and collect more relevant information on their customers this becomes a more attractive plug in solution.

Lifestyle Digital TV Networks Target Mountain Resorts

It was just several months ago our organizaton jumped into a new space in the marketplace. I am beginning to call this a lifestyle/special interest targeted digital TV network. With the advance of digital programming more and more different types of content is beng delivered via digital TV networks. They range form topic, sport or activity based, retail driven and are both local and national.

Siewierski Consulting is representing the new Ski TV Network based in Atlanta, New York and Boulder. Other new entrants include Plum TV, Ski Channel and our Ski TV Network.

The following is a brief analysis of features differentiating Plum TV and Ski TV Network. Look for more to come in the next several weeks.

Plum TV conceived in Nantucket, brings forth the idea of providing a unique resource for residents and visitors, an inside look at the people, places and events. Today Plum currently is in Aspen, Vail, Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Miami Beach and Sun Valley. The content is unique to each place, including live, locally-produced programming and web content.

Check out this link to view their local programming. Plum comes into a resort town, purchases a local cable affiliate and renames and reprograms the station. It is akin to buying a public access channel.

The SKi TV Network approach to the resort market is decidedly different. Whereas Plum is a local cable network in each market they service, we are a place based HD TV network with programming pushed nationally from Atlanta. Our local partners have the opportunity to have the content developed to look as though it is produced by the resort as a guest enhancement. Each resort will receive free LG TVs to be placed in high traffic areas for their guests – important to note it is of no cost to the resort and actually will serve as a revenue vehicle.

The programming will start each day with a “Welcome to Aspen” (or Telluride etc) reel, followed by a calendar of events that can be programmed by the resort marketing personnel, local weather content, sports content, house and garden, business segments, food segments and exciting snowboard/skiing content. We can work with the top mountains to do weekly segments that they produce locally and we can ingest them into our content reel. In addition we allocate them advertising time to promote their revenue points (F&B, Ski School) or to sell to their local or national marketing partners. Our national content will be updated weekly where local content can be updated daily. All local revenue generated by the resort – stays at the resort!

For more information on SKI TV Network contact John Siewierski at 303.554.0222 or email to