Blogging still? Of course and also Tweeting, Facebook and more

The ongoing debate on does social media sites like twitter or Facebook mean the demise of blogging or email.  We continue to hear this as noise that distracts from reality. A very good summary and analysis of this discussion is found in this article - Is Blogging Really in Danger Because of Social Networks?

The following helps to put this discussion in proper perspective from our vantage point:

Qouted from referenced story on -  "Blogging has legs — it's been growing now for more than a decade, but it's not a 'new thing' anymore," says Mullenweg. "Underneath the data in the article there's an interesting super-trend that the Times misses: people of all ages are becoming more and more comfortable publishing online."

As is established every time this debate comes up, blogging and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter complement one another. End of story. Without blogs, people would have less interesting content to share on Facebook and Twitter. Without Facebook and Twitter, bloggers would have a harder time getting the readers. 

Kopytoff does make a critical point, however. The lines aren't always crystal clear about what is truly "blogging" and what isn't. Even Twitter use is often called "microblogging".

We are seeing daily in the rapidly changing world how blogging and the various forms of social media are now working to drive change at every level in our world.  Bloggers may very well be more powerful agents of change than any modern day army.

We need to continue to use an integrated approach to each of these strong communication tools in our business and daily lives.