Email - staying or going away debate vs Social Media

I continue to find it interesting when I see various pundits, or more frequently those with a vested position supported by the claim, claiming email will be dead. Granted we are users and believers in email as a company, but we continue to work with more and more companies and organizations making sure email, social media. online efforts and offline are all integrated.  None is the silver bullet all by their self. Leveraging and planning strategic campaigns with all continue to prove the be the most successful.

I am curious as to what the readers think on this topic that email is going away and it is all about social media. Interesting story on statements made by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, at a Nielsen event. See comments in this article covering this mistaken position. Selects Lyris Email Solution from Siewierski Consulting, a Boulder, CO based ski and snowboard wholesale tour operator has just announced selecting the Lyris email solution from Siewierski Consulting as the foundation for their new email marketing efforts. has used Siewierski Consulting to develop and assist in the launch of their social media strategy.

The increasing importance of social media and email marketing are foundational for success in today's marketplace especially among savvy online users that dominate the ski marketplace. By leveraging a new web site with an integrated email and social media strategy SkiGroup,net will make it easier for their customers, clients and prospects to stay engaged and informed.

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