Wow, More Mountain Sports Club Deals, Email Clients and Email Append

Wow is the feeling at the end of weeks like this. It is a good wow. The Mountain Sports Club is taking off as well, adding a variety of new resorts, vendors and merchants extending offers. Jackson Hole and soon to be Hunter. NY and Lake Tahoe. Next week we will turn live a profile registration process and soon sart promoting the service to consumers. I am running a more detailed blog regarding that community and project at -

MSC is successfully using the affiliate networks to build more vendors/merchant relationships. We have started with Share a Sale and have found them easy to work with and professional. Next week we will start working through the Commision Juction network and add merchants there. This is part of the strategy to blend commerce throughout the site in a relevant and contextual manner. I realize there are those who have down played the affiliate efforts, but in my expereince they have always proven to be valuable and a profitable efort. They really enable faster growth from both sides of the relationship - publisher or merchant. Send us your thoughts.

Several new Siewierski Consulting projects include an e-commerce effort with Skiers Peak an new online specialty retailer focussed on high end race products. The other exciting new project is a test project with the Van Heyst Group - a Boulder based think tank and events/conference company. We are working with them to improve email efforts - delivery, opens, follow up and lifting of conversion rates to conference/event bookings.

Several new email clients are also coming on board. I will post next week a more detailed description regarding email append. This has been prompted, as one email subscriber mentioned they did not know what the service and process was, and felt there were others readers in the same position. Given this response and how important I believe this is I will be posting in advance of an email on this and other topics. Stay tuned.

Now off to the mountains to escpape the heat. Steamboat here we come.

Have a great weekend,

John Siewierski

More deals and programs at Mountain Sports Club

Well it has been a scramble getting first segments of the service and site up and running, but we are making significant progress. Deals from lodges and shops have started to flow in and they are appearing with new resort and town listings on the site. The mountain Sports Club is also receiving early committments from resort areas for lift ticket discounts. Most of the resorts will lock down their pricing in the coming weeks and then release offers for members of the Mountain Sports Club program starting later next month (August) and in the follwing months.

One new promotion we are pleased to announce is our partnership with the Northwest Ski resorts through INSA - Inland Nortwest Ski Association - whereby we will be including a FREE Mountain Sports Club membership to all 4th and 5th Grade passport participants. This is a long term partnership and provides a great foothold in the NorthWest market. We expect to announce a major partner in the Northeast in the coming days as well with a similar partnership. These shold encourage further resort participation, builds the memberhsip base and exposes us to many merchants who should be joining and extending offers as well.

New participants on the shopping side include the following e-commerce and shop partners - Sun and Ski Sports in their stores and online, the same for Ski Chalet and Alpine Sports Outlet and next will be the Mountain Chalet with their unique collectibles and posters.

Resorts and shops are responding well to the program concept. We expect to be live with membership registrations for purchase within the next month. Stay tuned as we open new resort areas and offer new services. We will have many promotional memberships in the market this launch season, but also will start selling memberhsips at an introductory price of $9.99 now that value is being established with our new partners.

We are pleased at the response we have received from summer activity vendors as well. There will be bike rental and service offers - first offers are now actually online, rafting, flyfishing and many more offers to come for the balance of this summer/fall season and next year. This will add significant value to the Mountain Sports Club membership and offering.

Rumor has it our initial press efforts will result in the first articles on our service in early September. We will start to run ads in the National ski and snowboard magazines starting in October or November. The one ski show we are comitted to attending is the Denver show. We will anounce others as decisions are made.

Drop a line with thougths, comments and questions.

Yours in Mountain fun and living,

John Siewierski