Steamboat Restaurant Reviews

Back in Steamboat working with clients and prospecting new participants for the Mountain Sports Club. On the ride up I remind myself why we are so fortunate to live here. Blue skies with temps in the 80's and cool nights. All the mountains are green with the reservoirs and streams being full of water from peak run-off. Lots of fishing, rafting and kayaking taking place.

While in Steamboat I dined at one old faithful restaurant - The Steamboat Pub and Grill for lunch and one I had not been to before - Antares.

Both are located downtown. The Steamboat Pub and Grill is located on Lincoln Street, the main drag and has been there since I have been visiting starting in 1979. Good pub food with big screen TV's made for a great environment to watch the France/Spain World Cup soccer match. The one item on the menu that I sampled was an Elk Sausage with an jalapeno sauce. It was excellent. While most of the menu had classic pub sandwiches I wanted to try something different and the elk was what I was looking for. I will return again to watch sports events and enjoy good pub food and atmosphere. Service was friendly while not be over eager.

Antares is one block South off Lincoln just across the street from the Eighth Street Steak House on 8th Street. A little more upscale with a great selection of seafood, pasta, Thai and varied cuisine. I ordered the Routt County Leg of Lamb with the house salad. The salad included apple, romano cheese, lettuce and fresh greens and was delightful. The rack of Lamb was good as expected but done a little more than it should have been, resulting in it being dryer than desired. The Martini was too dirty and the service help did not offer to tell me any of the specials and after dinner went right to the check as opposed to offering desert. C for average service. Food and ambiance was nice but service and attention to detail should have been better. I did order desert, flourless Chocolate torte with rasberries. Delightful to say the least.

The menu selection was interesting an I may try again.

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Yahoo store update, Mountain Sports Club and related topics

It is Friday and the week like the month seems to be racing by. The plan to post several times a week just keeps getting lost in the multitude of tasks that keep flowing.

The pace is quickening and significant accomplishments are being posted. This week much of the time was dedicated to working with Lauren Goldberg and getting Brave New Kids launched using a Yahoo store e-commerce platform. If all goes well we will launch on Monday the 26th. Currently we have 3 departments and about a dozen products ready to go. Dealing with converting the old paypal account over was probably the biggest inconvenience and the one support person at Yahoo who did everything he could not to help us and push us on to other departments. The experience of dealing with the support teams has been good overall, whether it has been Go Daddy on other projects, or with Yahoo store except the one individual. I guess it gets easy to hide in a company the size of Yahoo.

The Mountain Sports Club continues to get some traction, more deals and commitments each week. I was able to get sample screens of the Value Vouchers , a Lodging Listing , resort page and sports store posted as well as Online shopping vendors and enabled Goggle Ad sense program to start running ads and generate some income. Google and Yahoo each started to crawl the and sites, with new referrals boosting traffic.
Each week new towns, merchants, content and services will appear.

We would like to welcome Aaron Bailey and his team at Whitewood Tours and as a new Mail I Want and consulting services client. We look forward to working with his team to have permission emails being sent by next month and to grow the email assets and profits.

Next week lookfroward to the official announcement of the launch on online store and several new announcements.

Have a great weekend.

Front Page, Yahoo Stores, Go Daddy and online tools

The past few weeks have been spent building the basic web sites for , related blogs, a My Space page and preparing for the launch of Brave New Kids using the Yahoo store solution. Mixed with this has been working with Volutions e-commerce solution for I find it amazing how far these tools have come to enable non programming people to build sites quickly, that work and convey the basic tasks needed for an online presence.

This change in the marketplace enables small and medium businesses who do not have an IT department to begin to take advantage of the web and e-business solutions to extend ther brand and commerce opportunity. They all are relatively easy to use. Granted I did need to buy Front Page for Dummies to help me on that side as well as several hours with the technical support team at Go Daddy. My grade for the Go Daddy support team is an A. They were patient and helpful. My basic understanding of fie stuctures and HTML helped get through this easier. Their starter package with up to 5 pages free and hosting for simply registering my url's with them was very easy to use. They have several options that are so cost effective and easy to use no business should be withtout a basic web presence.

I decided to go to Front Page for as there will significant content and the basic Go Daddy options do not work. The thought process was to get to know how to use Front Page and begin coding and optimizing my pages as well. Given this is a Microsoft product and free, only made the choice easier. Setting up in the shared hosting environment took half a day to work out kinks, but we are ready to roll. Look for registrations forms and database set-ups to appear in the coming weeks.

More to come on Volusion and Yahoo store Solutions. Bottom line it is sooo easy and cost effective if you are willing to invest the time. I rememeber how daunting it was 10 years ago to get effective sites built and working. We did not even know about site optiization either and how important this would be.

Please post your comments and experiences. What are other e-business, publishing tools out there that others are using and peased with?

Siewierski Consulting Announces TEKmedia Online Newsroom Agreement

May 31, 2006

Boulder, CO - Siewierski Consulting announces distribution and sales agreement with TEKgroup International, Inc. promoting and offering the award-winning TEKmedia Online Newsroom and the full range of e-business solutions offered by TEKgroup International, Inc.

TEKgroup International, Inc. is an award-winning Internet software and services company that develops content management, interactive and E-business solutions for the public relations industry. TEKgroup International was officially formed on June 1, 1998 and has provided content management and E-commerce systems, along with specialized industry solutions, for Ford Motor Company, Delta Air Lines, Detroit Lions, the University of Michigan and others. The core management team of TEKgroup International has more than 30 years of combined interactive Internet application experience. Our core technical team has direct experience at IBM, Andersen Consulting, EDS, AOL Time Warner and Interpath.

The mission of Siewierski Consulting in partnership with TEKgroup International is to offer the best e-business solutions.

A sample of some of the current users of TEKmedia Online News Room include:

Ford Motor Company
Detroit Lions
Universal Studios
Audi Motors USA
Delta Air Lines
Best Buy
Carlson Hotels Worldwide
Radisson Hotels

“I am pleased and excited to announce this new partnership. It will serve our clients and industries well. I have personally worked with the team at TEKgroup International, Inc. on numerous projects since the early days of the Internet and e-commerce over the last 10 years.” – John Siewierski

“We welcome Siewierski Consulting into the growing TEKgroup family of resellers and sales agents for the TEKmedia Online Newsroom product and additional E-business solutions,” said Steve Momorella, partner and co-founder of TEKgroup. “We consistently receive requests for our software and services from companies within the Colorado area as well as the Outdoor and Tourism categories; therefore, a synergy with such an established and well-respected organization as Siewierski Consulting was an ideal alliance.”

For more information on our services contact:

John Siewierski
Siewierski Consulting
303.829.1699 phone
303.499.9553 fax