Thoughts on Search Engine Optimization Focus and Ramblings

Recently their is continued focus on organic search engine optimization as cost per click campaigns continue to be more expensive. Companies are in the middle stages of redesign and preparing for the critical 3rd and 4 th quarters. Given the myriad of different approaches one of the most frequently asked questions is where does one focus ones efforts?

Start with Google, they continue to dominate market share and are growing in the marketplace. Their influnce cannot be denied. There market share grew another 5% to over 45% of all individuals making searches and the total number of actaul searches they served was up close to 50% from the previous Dec. Stats are from December 2005 to December 2004. Search much like email is a killer app and all business flow and marketing must take these two into account.

Use the FREE services available at Google from data feeds on Froogle to Free Catalog submissions and Free Site map submissions.

More Google to come. An upcomng discussion will cover how much Google do you want in your business vs your personal life. A recent Book that has been published that is a great introduction to Google is from Dave Taylor - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Growing Your Business with Google.

Random thoughts while making transition. The support from the community has been very positive thank you. Mountain Sports Club interest continues to grow. We expect over 50,000 registered users for the coming season. New distribution partners will be announced in the coming weeks. Initially we are offering lodging and activity services/business listings on a trade out basis. No cash outlay. We will prove the value offering first. Resort offers and other property committments are coming in as we speak.

Need help with your PR efforts. Exciting onlione solution to become available through Siewierski Consulting. Final details will be available by Memorial Day. Let me know your thoughts and fire the questions. Email me at

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Siewierski Consulting Offers Email Solution Mail I Want

Siewierski Consulting announces distribution and sales agreement with Mail I Want, offering the permission based email publishing solution through the newly formed agency.

Mail I is an outsource email marketing company specializing in permission based (opt-in) email direct marketing services. The Mail I want service provides an easy to use system for businesses and organizations to communicate with and market to their customers/members through personalized and targeted email messages.

The mission of Mail I is to offer an affordable web based system to help companies develop and maintain lifetime relationships with their customers using the power of email and one to one permission marketing.

Mail I Want is a proven winner. Now in the marketplace for over 4 years, there are currently several hundred clients that currently are users of Mail I Want sending out over 10,000,000 emails monthly

For more information on our services and to get started harnessing the power and value of email marketing contact:

John Siewierski
Siewierski Consulting
3360 Dover Drive
Boulder, CO 80305

Spring Cleaning Data Collection, Append and Hygiene Tasks

Many businesses and clients we work with traditionally take this time of year to catch their breath and get ready for the all important 3rd and 4th quarters. Then again many of our clients are also in the winter sports business, which entails having a complete marketing plan in place through Q1 to ensure success and profitability.

The number one directive for our clients is to perform an annual customer data audit:

Identify all customer data collection points and fields your organization wishes to store and mine within your database. Once these different sources and lists have been identified, the next task is make sure a hygiene step is conducted for valid mail and email addresses, complete a merge purge and de-dupe. The next step would be to identify data fields to be appended and added to the master database.

Email append is rapidly becoming the one append service clients are performing one to two times a year. The value of the email address in a permission based environment has proven too valuable to ignore. The costs to acquire these customers drives the value proposition for performing an append.

For more information on assistance in organizing your customer data, performing hygiene, de-dupe and append services contact:

John Siewierski
Siewierski Consulting