Siewierski Consulting Offers Email Solution Mail I Want

Siewierski Consulting announces distribution and sales agreement with Mail I Want, offering the permission based email publishing solution through the newly formed agency.

Mail I is an outsource email marketing company specializing in permission based (opt-in) email direct marketing services. The Mail I want service provides an easy to use system for businesses and organizations to communicate with and market to their customers/members through personalized and targeted email messages.

The mission of Mail I is to offer an affordable web based system to help companies develop and maintain lifetime relationships with their customers using the power of email and one to one permission marketing.

Mail I Want is a proven winner. Now in the marketplace for over 4 years, there are currently several hundred clients that currently are users of Mail I Want sending out over 10,000,000 emails monthly

For more information on our services and to get started harnessing the power and value of email marketing contact:

John Siewierski
Siewierski Consulting
3360 Dover Drive
Boulder, CO 80305

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  1. Congratulations John! I wish you the best success which I know you will have. I would like to turn my company, PhoCusWright onto your email services, but am a little worried about turning your sales energy onto them!