Google Places and Facebook Check In

The explosion on geo check in on mobile phones and the next wave of coupons associated with this is being played out with both Google and Facebook pushing each side. One account  we just turned on a new Facebook page last week was Skiers Peak in Michigan. We have spent more time recently updating clients Facebook pages to take advantage of new features with a look to being able to provide coupons off of the phones when one is near you. The two giants Google and Facebook are getting good at offering free services to small and midsize businesses viewing to attract there users to their establishments.

On the Google side we are accomplishing this with Google Places. We just posted a coupon for our Mountain Sports Club and will see where it goes with a couple of retailers moving to this next. There are numerous restaurants and establishments racing to take advantage of these powerful marketing opportunities. Contact us with questions and a quote for services at 303.554.0222.

Google +, New Facebook look and social media

We continue to add more and more social media features for clients as users continue to select many different channels to communicate and interact with brands. On the Google+ front this week we launched Google+ for Mountain Sports Club. This has been a real soft launch with a badge on the home page and we are seeing new traffic and referrals as a new source in our traffic analytics. Google is truly making this a component of search results going forward and we view this as a must do for clients.

On the Facebook front we just launched the new Skiers Peak Facebook page and one for Mountain Sports Club. We will continue to add new features as a available. facebook check in is coming and the ability to add mobile coupons. We are prepping clients for this as well as extending coupons on Google as well. Look for more examples.

 Other social media requests we are responding to from clients include building and activating Pinterest accounts, making sure these (new social media icons like Pinterest and Google +) are integrated into email messaging and site design. As we know more and more opportunities continue to arise and the challenge is implementing and integrating to be efficient.