New Service, Importance of Email and Start of the New Year

The start of the new year and first quarter of the new year has seen Siewierski Consulting add an additional email option with award winning Exact Target, and our first ET client PhocusWright. This underscores the continuing importance of email in the marketing mix. A recent DMA report shows email marketers with an ROI of over $50 for every dollar spent. When this is looked at closer the Return On Investment is even higher for those marketers who are segmenting and targeting their messages. More and more of our clients are taking a closer look at email as a critical component of their overall marketing mix.

The effort to segment and taget is becoming increasingly inportant as more and more retailers and companies enter the space and comeptition heats up. This is requiring more and more companies to invest in solutions that are able to integrate with web analytics and customer database efforts. The old days of simply blasting away emails is long gone.

Please think through this onclusion from a recent study by Marketing Sherpa shows that "the percent of traffic driven from email house lists(campaigns sent to your ownopt-in list of buyers and prospects) is remarkably steady across all sectors and sites. ... House emails can get extremely high ROI, often better than search campaigns(... they are past purchasers)..... Sites willing to push the envelope aggressively and get email response beyond the norm can stand out in the field where everyone appeasr to be average." This what we are accomplishing wiht our clients.

One area that is showing great returns is for retailers and any business focussed on targeting large metro areas where costs of mass media are prohibitive. Targeted email to previous customers and prospects who ask to recieve email notices of sales, special offers, new arrivals and events is outperforming virtually any other marketing and advertising/communication medium.

In addition to adding the Exact Target email solution as an option for clients, we recently were selected as the agency of record for all sales and support of Mail I Want for the snowsports, outdoor and travel industries. See recent press release on this announcement. Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, Entertainment are the most recent new clients to start using our Mail I Want email solution.

Email append continues to be another key component of the overall email strategy. Many of our clients are using this as a way to grow the email opt in list with permission from existing customers who may have not chosen to do so at original point of contact. For more information on any of these services contact us at or visit our web site at