Social Media Solution & Service - 2Dogs Winning Game Plan for Detroit Pistons

Given all the attention and debate on what is the best way to approach social media and networks, the comment from the Detroit Pistons on their effort this past season may be enlightening. Having worked closely with over the last several years we knew it was only a matter of time before more and more key brands began to adopt our approach.

The following testimonial speaks to how well and on target the solution and service has worked for the Detroit Pistons in their online social media efforts.

Service and Execution...two words that best describe what 2Dogs brought to the table for the Detroit Pistons when we decided to develop the foundation of our social networking platform: Posting Up the Detroit Pistons Official Social Network.

All this social media stuff was brand new to us, but we knew that we had to get in the pool and start swimming if we were going to uphold our reputation for being an innovator in the sports industry. 2Dogs understood our reputation, as well as the urgency to be first in our field, and immediately started on a plan that would fulfill our expectations.

Giving us examples of their work and showing us a wide range of options -- from blogs to videos to photos to music -- 2Dogs helped us develop a completely customized social network that gives Pistons fans from around the country and around the world, everything they need to share their opinions, experiences and love for the team.

2Dogs was extremely attentive to our needs and took great care in understanding everything that we wanted on our social network. They developed the programs, tested them and then let us test them before making any decisions. When we had changes, 2Dogs made them quickly and efficiently. When something didn't work for us, 2Dogs corrected problems immediately. They made sure that we were completely solid before we went to market, and they did it in a very reasonable time frame.

Today, Posting Up has more than 10,000 members and is the fastest growing social network in the 2Dogs stable. 2Dogs continues to provide incredible service at a reasonable compensation and is always looking for ways to continue our growth.

2Dogs is an incredible organization and having them as a partner in our social media strategy has helped us perpetuate our reputation as an innovator and a leader in the sports industry. They continue to provide exceptional service and go the extra mile to execute our plans for having a dominating presence in the world of social media.

David M. Wieme
Director of Strategic Communications
Palace Sports & Entertainment

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Planes, Travel, Wired, Print and Socialism

The joys of flying and traveling for business are a far cry from what they once were, but I must admit that on a recent to my home town, where I combined work and pleasure, I finally made the point to block out time to simply buy a magazine to read and relax. This would prove to be relaxing and just the stimulus, albeit with no money from Uncle Sam unfortunately, for this post. In addition to conducting a quick email triage before getting on the plane, it was nice for there to be an easy to access free wifi with good connectivity at BWI airport. I must admit to also being partial to several airports that have good restaurants with good seafood and this is one of them . The BWI airport in Baltimore has a Philips Crab House – others airports of note IMHO are Boston’s Logan Airport with a few Legal Seafood locations and Houston’s Bush International airport with Pappadeux’s – provide incentive to get to the airport early and enjoy a real meal and treat before heading onto the plane where we all know the culinary experience is more of a punishment.

Not having read Wired for awhile, it beckoned from the rack. I will admit I found it interesting enough that I will reactivate a subscription. Yes even in the digital world where most prognosticators have announced the death of print there is still pockets of success. I found this issue very engaging with the article on Googlenomics and the role math plays for then in the own internal economy. I loved the article on how social media and digital media are leading to a new socialism even though they are rooted in libertarian effort to decentralize and liberate each and everyone one of us. I found it disturbing and amusing how the “socialism” word has been bantered about over the last 18 months and clearly the lack of understanding shown by the media and most of our citizenry as is evidenced in the rants of TV, radio and the blogosphere.

Often I have felt the great political treatise that needs to be written and articulated is how to reconcile the ontological gap between liberty, individual freedoms and the role of the state with respect to the social responsibility of large mass democracy and governments. The way society, technology, media and government has evolved lends that past understandings of social institutions and the traditional political ideologies obsolete and inadequate for understanding today’s world and building new working models to cultivate the best out of each of us and our communities and countries.

Spring thoughts on search - as in bing, and Google Chrome

Some random thoughts on various topics as spring stays wet and cool in the Colorado Front Range, the weather is not always like this to start summer but I find it quite nice. Everything is green and in full blooms with wild flowers going crazy with color.

After having my laptop stolen at a trade show I have had the joys of getting a new computer and rebuilding and reloading the newest workhorse. It has truly been a pain. As I have been adding software and getting everything just right again I have experimented with the Google Chrome browser. I like Chrome, but it crashes too often when I have too many windows open. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but I do hope they fix it. Speaking of Google, and yes I do profess to a google centric bias in many ways, here is hoping that bing - Microsoft's newest lob into the search market, is successful and then someone else can make a dent into search market share.

What are your thoughts and experience so far with Google Chrome or Microsift new launch of Bing?