Kicking off 2006/07 Ski Season at Loveland

Monday October 30, 2006

Dateline Boulder, Colorado

Friday was the 24th time out of the last 28 October’s that I have had the good fortune of skiing and making turns in Colorado. I had the opportunity to get to Loveland Ski Area and check out the incredible early season snow. The ski season began early this year in the Colorado Rockies. Arapahoe Basin was the first to open Friday October 13 th, followed by Loveland Ski area the next day. Since then the state and central mountains have received several snow falls. The one that kicked the season into a higher gear was the middle of last week when most of the mountains received 18 – 14 inches of snow.

Loveland reported 22 inches of new snow last Thursday and opened an additional chair. On Friday under blue skies it felt like mid winter. The snow was soft and there were soft bumps appearing on blue and black runs. There are now 3lifts with 21 trails open. I have never skied such good winter soft snow and seen so much terrain open this early. It is time to wax the skis or snowboards and get a jump on this season. Loveland Ski Area will be offering a daily $7.00 lift ticket savings/discount on full day lift tickets this season to Mountain Sports Club members.

Arapahoe Basin reports 2 lifts open, 7 runs and top to bottom skiing and snowboarding. This week will see both Keystone and Copper Mountain open one week early for skiing and snowboarding. In Southwest Colorado Wolf Creek opened this past Friday.

See you on the hill,

Ski area Openings, More Lift ticket deals and St Mary's Glacier

Fall sure is trying to move quickly into winter in the Colorado high country. The early snows and cold temperatures provided enough foundation and for good snowmaking weather to enable both Arapahoe Basin ( first in the nation on Friday 10.13) and Loveland Ski Area ( next day Saturday 10.14) to open for skiing and riding. This is one of the earliest I can remember having 2 areas open. It sure builds the excitement and enthusiasm for a good season.

We took a hike up to St. Mary's Glacier yesterday as well to get our legs ready for some high country winter treks and to take in the sites. This is and has been one of my favorite hikes and access points to the high country for almost 30 years. To get there take I-70 west to exit 238 Fall River Road. Take RD 275 about 11 miles to you past the sign that you have gone over 10,000 feet. From there you will shortly see several parking and trail options. It is 3/4 of a mile to the base of the Glacier (tecnically a snowfield) and the lake.

With recent snows of up to 2 feet in parts of the mountains, the glacier offered a significant, but narrow in places, run. At the top of the glacier there were kickers and rails that had been built with an very active backcountry park and jumping scene. There must have been 30 - 40 skiers and riders we saw making the hike and earning turns and jumps. It was sunny and warm making for an awesome October day of playing in the high country.

New deal this week included daily savings of up to $6.00 valid everyday of the season at Shawnee Peak in Maine.

Site relaunches and New Projects

With the fourth quarter in full swing, the rush to get reworked web sites launched is at feverpitch effort. I know for several clients and myself the same has been true. This past weekend Retail Concepts relaunched with a new look the resultof efforts with the team at TEKGroup International. The site was launched in coordination with the Ski Fest promotion at the Dallas Texas stores. The redesign goal was to maintain the unique branding of Sun and Ski Sports with a specialty sportings goods look that promoties online and instore shopping. The site offers buy it online and pick up in the store service and really has strived to offer balance in terms of key content, information on retail services and be effective in new ecommerce efforts. Let us know what you think. A similar relaunch of will also occur this month.

Additional site relaunches include:

  1. Siewierski Consulting's own site The site and design was the result of efforts with the team of TEKGroup International and includes a new logo for Siewierski Consulting. Early feedback has been favorable and clearly acknowledged the need for a new and cleaner look.
  2. Beta sneak preview of the Mountain Sports Club of NOrth America online service at This is also being promoted and linked to from, where FREE memberships are still available. There are many new features, functionality and content sections being added daily and weekly. It is expected that live online couponing will be working by early to the middle of November. More and more member benefits in the form of lift ticket, lodging, shopping and travels discounts continue to be offered at the site.

We would like to welcome new clients Phocus Wright and The Scribner Hollow Lodge in Hunter Newy York and thank them for their support and confidence in our abilities.

With resorts openings already in place as Arapahoe Basin (Friday, October 13) the first and then Loveland Ski Area (Saturday, October 14) the next day the 2006/06 winter ski and snowboard season is underway. Yesterday we hiked St Mary's Glacier and there must have been 30 - 40 people up there hiking for their skiing and snowboarding fix. Visit the Mountain Sports Club Blog for more details and new lift ticket deals at the Mountain Sports Club.

Hope to see you on the hill soon.

Turning 50 Reflections on Aging

Just this past week I turned the big "50". Truly a milestone. I had more calls from long time friends around the country than the usual annual greetings. Passing this milestone provides a good time to reflect on the first half century of living.

The current pace is hectic with the relaunch of each of our sites - and Mountain Sports Club and new conculting and email clients coming on board it was nice to take time to spend with family and friends this past week.

I did not realize all the historical events that coincide with the year -1956 that I was born, but the various informative gits and gag gifts made sure I was mad eaware of such things. One of the more interesting events was Allen Ginsbergs inital reading of "Howl" his landmark poem that has been a reference point for many groups and movements over this last 50 years. It also provide a launching point for Beat writing and culture.

It was an interesting counterpoint to the realities of the Cold War post World War II that was punctuated with the US exploding the first airborn hydrogen bomb over Bikini Atoll and Fidel Castro launching a revolution against the Batista regime.

Other factoids that I have become awar of include:

  • John Lennon and Paul Mc Cartney first teaming together as The Quarrymen.
  • Martin Luther King organizes the boycott of Montgomery Alabama public busses.
  • Average cost of a new house - $11,725
  • Average income - $4,454 per year
  • Gasoline - $22 per gallon
  • Top movies - The King and I, Around the World in 90 Days, The Ten Commandments
  • Top Tunes - dominated by Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel, Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender and Dean Martin's Memories are Made of This, The Great Pretender by the Platters.

The world was in an early state of accelerated change that has continued on all fronts at what appears to be an ever increasing rate of change. In spite of that the fundamentals of right and wrong and the role of friends and family is still an anchor for me in terms of navigating life and looking forward to an eventful and rewarding next half of life.

A big thank you for all the greetings recently and the opportunity to share in life great adventure. Remember to appreciate all your dear friends, family members, passions of life and be open to continually adding to them.

Hope to see all of you soon.