Email still in the lead over Social Media for e-commerce

Daily we here more and more on the ongoing debate of social media vs email for online marketers. Today we found more on this with the following, "A new report from Econsultancy suggests that email still beats social networks when it comes to marketing for e-commerce. The report says that over a third (37%) of consumers don't use a social networking site, and that those who have become a "fan" or "friend" of a company or brand online are still in the minority." For more on the story and report from Web Pro News.

The big number for us is that over a third are not even engaged in the social media marketplace. While growth and adoption is huge we know there is some drop out and soft engagement in the users numbers from the social media interests. Email is still easier to use and track with a larger user base. That being said integrating with a solid social media strategy adds value to each component.