Why Blogger as a Blog and a Good Blogger Guide

Today we received the following response to our blog and I thought it would be interesting to see and a response I made.

The questions was: So I've been searching around looking at blogs because I want to start one at my site ( golf schools ). But I'm not sure how I want to go.... blogger, wordpress, drupal... not sure, and I don't know that much about them. I like the look of this site. If you have time could you email me what you like/dislike about your blog? Thank you if you decide to take the time to help me out, and I understand if you don't. Ultimately I want it to look good with being "hands off" as much as possible. Anyway, keep up the good work.

My response was:
I like this blog format - Blogger.com - as it is easy to use and a clean layout. Those who are reading it do click through to other articles we link to on the referenced web sites. It has been good for other web traffic. I am also starting to use some of the tips from "The Rational Guide to Goggle Blogger" as a reference and marketing and promotion aid. It has proven to be useful. Here is a link to purchase the book if this is something you are interested in using.

Siewierski Consulting is to help you find the right answer and solutions to these questions and issues, and identify the solutions that work best for your business.

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Ski NH Selects TEKMedia as New Media Center Solution

We are pleased to release the following news release:

TEKgroup Online Newsroom selected to handle media center for all resorts within Ski NH destination site

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLA. AUGUST XX, 2006 – Ski New Hampshire (Ski NH), located at http://www.skinh.com/, is a destination site for obtaining vacation information on multiple mountain resorts within the state of New Hampshire. The Ski NH consumer site contains resort facts on hundreds of lodging properties, restaurants, retail shops and other services.
The media center of Ski NH will soon be managed with the TEKmedia Online Newsroom software developed by TEKgroup International, Inc. The supplemental site will specifically address elements desired by journalists, such as press releases, press kits, photographs, logos, staff biographies, public relations contacts, media request forms and audio/video clip snow reports.
The statewide association represents 37 alpine and cross country resorts and more than 200 lodging properties throughout New Hampshire. Resorts within Ski NH include Attitash, The Balsams Wilderness, Bretton Woods Mountain Resort, Cannon, Cranmore Resort, Dartmouth Skiway, Granite Gorge Ski Area, Loon Mountain, Mount Sunapee, Pats Peak, Tenney Mountain, Waterville Valley, Jackson XC, Great Glenn Trails and Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa.
"Technology is constantly changing in regards to how members of the media find their facts and information, after researching many potential avenues we felt TEKgroup was at the forefront of recent developments and we look forward to utilizing their tools and technology," said Karl Stone, Marketing Director, Ski New Hampshire.

“Sports-related information sites are a line that we do focus on at TEKgroup,” said Steve Momorella, partner and co-founder for TEKgroup International, Inc. “Adding Ski NH to a growing list that includes the Detroit Lions, Vegas Insider, the Specialty Sports Venture family and others only expands our knowledge of what sports journalists want to access.”

About TEKgroup International, Inc. - http://www.tekgroup.com/ TEKgroup International, Inc., an award-winning Internet software and services company, develops E-business solutions for the public relations industry. TEKgroup clients include AOL, Delta Air Lines, Inc., Audi, Volkswagen, Detroit Lions, Ford Motor Company, VMS, Best Buy, Carlson Hotels Worldwide and the Public Relations Society of America.

In June Siewierski Consulting announced the representation of the TEKMedia Newsroom service in our suite of e-business solutions. Siewierski Consulting is focussed on the leisure, travel and recreations markets. SKI NH decision to utilize the TEKMedia Newsroom is validation of our decision to represent this state of the art solution. For more details and to arrange a demo contact John Siewierski at 303.829.1699, or via email at jsiewierski@gmail.com.

Email Append - Details and why??

In a recent email we had broadcast to our clients and prospects one of our readers sent an email asking us what was an email append service. She stated that she did not know what it was and felt there were most likely others in the same position. It was a classic example of us thinking you knew what we were talking about, and we came to discover this was not the case on this particular topic for a good number of the people we are communicating with via these emails.

Therefore, here we go in trying to bring better light and understanding to the service email append. The service is when a business has a mailing list of previous and exisiting customers and/or prospects that do not have corresponding emails to send permission based email and they wish to acquire that email and permission to communicate with the customer/prospect. The email append service takes your file of physical addresses and matches valid emails addresses that have agreed to be contected when a comnpany that has their mailing address requests to add their email address to the company's email subscriber list. They person receives an email informing them that you/the business has requested to add the email address and they then have the option to say NO, or opt out. Once this process has played through - usually 7 - 10 days, the list is updated with matched email addresses. The range of match goes from 15% to 30%.

We avereage around a 20% match rate. In this scenario if you had 50,000 mailing list records, you should be able to match close to 10,000 vaild emails. Costs run $250 per thousand matched records andthere is a minimum fee with a set-up charge. In the example above total costs are $2,800 or net $.28 a record. This leads to the question , "How much is a valid email address of your customer worth??" In most cases quite a bit more than $.28.

Please call us, at 303.829.1699, for any additional questions on email append, and to schedule your next append and build your email asset.