Ski TV Network Announces Resort Partner Content Upgrade

October 1, 2007 (BOULDER, CO.)---Ski TV Network, a leading national place based media company, announced today an upgraded service offering for their US Ski and Snowboard Resort Partners. This formal announcement comes on the heels of the initial industry communication about the new HD TV national network system launched in the marketplace six weeks ago.

“After announcing our upgraded digital service offering to our current and prospective US Ski Resort partners only six weeks ago, we have received national distribution agreements covering the vast majority of states that make up the Ski industry,” said David Nicholson, Ski TV Network president. “As we look for ways to enhance our TV Network for the benefit of our Resort Partners, we are making available for each resort the opportunity to provide localized TV content to be included in our broadcasts.”

Ski TV Network made the decision to allow individual resorts the opportunity to intergrate their proprietary content into the broadcasts based on the feedback from early adopters of the new technology. Always looking for ways to improve upon the relationships of the Network with Resort operators, company management listened to the feedback from their partners and has instituted this upgrade effective immediately.

“It is very important for Ski TV Network to listen to our Resort partners and work with them to make our Network truly a working partnership,” said David Nicholson, Ski TV Network president. “We are pleased to offer each of our Resort partners the opportunity to integrate local content offerings into our broadcasts which will only enhance each individual resort’s guest experience.”

About LG Ski TV Network

Headquartered in New York, with offices in Atlanta and Boulder -- Ski TV Network is a High Definition Television Network media offering from Ski Impact/National Leisure Marketing – a leading media company having a national presence in the US Ski Industry since 1964. For more information about Ski TV Network contact John Siewerski, Siewierski Consulting, at 303-554-0222.